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A cult place, a major place, the amusement park – Spreepark – opened in 1969 is located next to Berlin and went bankrupt in 2002 due to a lot of debts. Some attractions were resold but it remained a few, for example the Ferris wheel which we can see by far. We explored this place during the summer 2014 just before the fire which damaged a large part of the park. Arrived in front of the railings of the park, the exploration began badly when we saw two guards who made regular rounds in the park. We checked all around the park, many people walked along the walkway, for the discretion this is not the good place. The fence is regularly broken and we can go inside. The vegetation helped us and we walked on the railway lines of the small train. We were attentive to each noise, the guards saw curious people out. Our exploration went on less than one hour without seeing the guards and we had the pleasure to walk in this abandoned park, with an incredible atmosphere.

Spreepark, Abandoned Amusement Park in Germany | | Urbex Germany
Spreepark, Abandoned Amusement Park in Germany | | Urbex Germany

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