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Villa di Vecchi

In the city of Cortenova in Italy, in Northern Italy, near Lake Como, we found this famous place, the Villa di Vecchi, an abandoned mansion in the middle of nature, …

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Abandoned Shopping Mall in Italy

Lost in the heart of Italy, abandoned for several years, this shopping center is invaded by nature and suffered from vandalism. It remains a cinema complex with about ten rooms …

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Istituto Padre Beccaro – Grand Hotel Prealpi

The Grand Hotel Prealpi is an abandoned hotel in Italy. It opened in 1912 and during the First World War, it was converted into a military hospital. It was transformed …

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Beaver Land – Abandoned Amusement Park in Italy

After two attempts, it is time to take pictures from this amusement park. It was built in the 1960s and fell into decline due to management problems and property disputes. …