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Province of Liège

Danny Rolling Castle

The “red castle”, an abandoned retirement home for elderly people. It was built in 1889 and after the WWII, it was converted into a luxurious hotel which closed in 2009 …

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Vera Renczi School

This high school, abandoned in the 1990s, is gorgeous. Despite a poor facade, inside it is majestic with a splendid glass roof. Located in a Belgian big city, the place …

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Bavière hospital

Exploring an abandoned Hospital in Liège. The buildings are now used as squatter housing. There is no some medical equipment left. They have added a lot of graffiti.

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Val Benoît University – Liège

The University of Liege was a huge campus. The last students left the site in 2006 and the site has been left to decay. I don’t manage to get into …