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Kanto Region

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Park Land

An abandoned park located in the prefecture of Gunma near a busy road. This is a kind of holiday camp with wooden chalets and a game room. We felt like …

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Miyuki Ishikawa Sect

Hidden in the mountains of Ibaraki, we discovered an abandoned temple. In 2002, a fraudulent religious cult was shut down and this place was abandoned. There remained a temple filled …

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Shoko Asahara Ophthalmology Clinic

Let’s discover an abandoned ophthalmology clinic in the province of Chiba in Japan. An unusual abandoned place with a lot of equipments and various medical documents. The place seems to …

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Annie Chapman Love Hotel

We explored a love hotel in a little town in Chiba, an abandoned Japanese sex hotel. This is an amazing small love hotel with extravagant rooms in different themes : …

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Western Village

The Western Village, in Nikko a city about 70 miles north of the capital Tokyo, is a famous abandoned theme park in Japan. It was built in 1975 and has …

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1963 Hospital

Rusted and deserted, this abandoned Japanese hospital has remained untouched for decades. With vacant beds, old medicine bottles and surgical tools, it was interesting to discover the machinery of an …

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Stephen Griffiths School

An abandoned Japanese school in Nichitsu, an abandoned mining village in the mountains. To go to this village, we ascended between valleys that were narrower. The last tunnel was a …

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The Abandoned Snake Laboratory

Located in the prefecture of Gunma, Japan, we arrive in an abandoned laboratory where hundreds of snakes are found in jars, a stressful and fascinating exploration.

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