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Marabù Nightclub

With some imagination, you can come back to the 80s thanks to this abandoned nightclub. Here you can discover the flashy decoration of the Marabù with a lot of debris. …

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Ralph Nuss Castle

We visited this abandoned castle in the italian countryside near Bologna. We arrived in this peaceful area, the interior is beautiful. This castle is impressive, a magical place, it remains …

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Elizabeth Emerson Hotel

This beautiful hotel was abandoned since 2007. We went inside through an open window and discovered the majestic living room with this white veil hanging from the ceiling. This place …

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Ali Kaya Nightclub

This club opened in 1929. In the 50s and 60s, it was a great place with the participation of the biggest orchestras in the world like that of Edward Lucchina. …

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Cesar Barone Asylum

Located in the heart of an Italian city, we found this huge asylum. Just arriving on the place, the facade was already disturbing. After a speed check around the building, …