Cesar Barone Asylum

Located in the heart of an Italian city, we found this huge asylum. Just arriving on the place, the facade was already disturbing. After a speed check around the building, we discovered a discreet entrance, we got rapidly into the asylum. Inside, old wheelchairs, old beds and other accessories were also disturbing, an impression to be in the 1970s. The place is big with high ceilings and corridors are nice. Many years ago, the place was a convent. An Italian exploration with fear, maleficating and exciting.

Urbex Session don’t give out or swap locations.

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  • Van Kempen, Alice (Author)
The World of Urban Decay
  • ten Bouwhuijs, Martin (Author)
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States of Decay: Urbex New York
  • Barter, Daniel/marbai (Author)
  1. Sheeesh. This place is brothers grim. Even the Irish asylums had more colour and seem less austere. Makes Cane Hill look positively technicolour, too (aside from the curved door kaleidoscope here). Looks absolutely more like a prison. Always backed away from urbexing in Italy as the police seem more hardcore. Very atmospheric pictures! Seemed like a genuinely interesting explore!

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