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Kansai Region

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Furuya Sokichi School

An abandoned school in a small village in Nara Prefecture. It closed in 1998. The place was inaugurated in 1952. In a classroom, we found several portraits of men on …

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Junko Ogata School

Located in Nara prefecture, we discovered this little school situated in the middle of the mountains at the end of a tiny winding road. It remained a number of interesting …

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Arima Wanda Garden

Arima Wanda Garden is a Japanese canine theme park, a park for people who liked dogs. In this park, people could rent a dog, buy dog food, take a dog …

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Kuroshio Inn Hotel

The hotel is located on the upper side of the island, we cannot see it through the vegetation, we hurry to make our photos before the night falls. We do …