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Amusement Park

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Arima Wanda Garden

Arima Wanda Garden is a Japanese canine theme park, a park for people who liked dogs. In this park, people could rent a dog, buy dog food, take a dog …

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Western Village

The Western Village, in Nikko a city about 70 miles north of the capital Tokyo, is a famous abandoned theme park in Japan. It was built in 1975 and has …

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The Wonderland amusement park in Fukui Prefecture closed down due to safety reasons and a lack of guests. There were attractions like a roller coaster, a bungee jump, go-karts, racing …

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Kejonuma Leisure Land – Abandoned Amusement Park in Japan

Kejonuma Leisure Land is one of the most famous place for urban exploration in Japan. This is due to its rusting Ferris wheel with flaking paint. The park was opened …

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Wayne Lo Amusement Park

An abandoned amusement park in Denmark opened during the 1980’s. It was a park for families and a popular place in Denmark. In 2006, it closed due to the bankruptcy. …

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Big World Land

Welcome to the Big World Land in 2016, several years after its closing time. We were very surprised to discover a lot of things. We saw a watchman at the …

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Gacy Land Amusement Park

An amusement park, the kind of place we prefer for exploration. We had an amusement park for us, just for us. We could play and test all attractions with nobody, …

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A cult place, a major place, the amusement park – Spreepark – opened in 1969 is located next to Berlin and went bankrupt in 2002 due to a lot of debts. Some attractions were resold …

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Raf Park – Abandoned Amusement Park in Portugal

This amusement park closed in 2012. Unfortunately, during our exploration, it remained no attraction from its past.

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Abandoned Aquatic Park in Sitges

This abandoned waterpark, located in the town of Sitges near Barcelona, ​​L’aquàtic, only opened during two summers. Due to numerous debts and lack of sponsors, the park closed its doors …

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Beaver Land – Abandoned Amusement Park in Italy

After two attempts, it is time to take pictures from this amusement park. It was built in the 1960s and fell into decline due to management problems and property disputes. …