Welcome to the Big World Land in 2016, several years after its closing time. We were very surprised to discover a lot of things. We saw a watchman at the entrance so we had to be discreet and try not to attract attention. We walked across a small forest, it should be the zoo before because we saw several animal pens. We were glad to discover a huge statue with an exceptional view of the park. This is one of our best exploration in an abandoned park, without Ferris wheel but much less touristy than Spreepark. We were alone to go up the steps of the slide. We walked in the “Wild West” part of the park with saloons and many statues to finally arrive in the Pirate’s Island. Very well preserved, this abandoned amusement park was a beautiful exploration, which was stopped by the Jeep of the watchman. We left the park and run to the exit to save all our 200 photos.

Urbex Session don’t give out or swap locations.

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