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Lower Austria


Wienerwald Sanatorium

This Austrian sanatorium, founded by two doctors, Hugo Kraus and Arthur Baer, was built in 1903 and abandoned since 2002. It was famous but now, the place is damaged without really interest. During many years, the sanatorium was used for patients suffering from tuberculosis and was requisitioned by Nazis...




Abandoned City Of Doel

Doel is an abandoned village in Belgium in the East Flanders at 30 kilometers from Antwerp. In the early 70s, Doel had a population of around 1,300. Apart from a nuclear power plant, because of the port’s northbound expansion plans, the authorities proclaimed a « house building freeze », obliging people...
Abandoned Swimming Pool in belgium

Grace Marks Swimming Pool

A beautiful swimming pool built in 1915 and now closed due its failure to respect of current standards. This place is well know in the urban exploration world thanks to its magnificent statue. The complex is huge, there remained baths, saunas, UV cabins, etc. The exterior is typical of...
Abandoned castle in Belgium | urbexsession.com/en/pandy-castle | Urbex Belgium

Pandy Castle

This castle was built in 1881 and was occupied by the Nazis during World War II. It was renovated and used as a residence for many high-ranking officers. After the War, the castle was taken over by the Belgian Air Force and used again as an officers’ residence until...


Abandoned Sanatorium in Belgium - Urbex

Nina Housden Sanatorium

Built around 1900, this sanatorium, located in the Walloon Region, was used for reception of asylum seekers and refugees until 2013. The place didn’t find any buyers due to the degradation of buildings and high cost of rehabilitation. However the building remained beautiful. We do not give the location...
Abandoned Castle in Belgium

Cesar Castle – Andenne

We didn’t explore the Cesar Castle during the best season, we couldn’t see the facade due to the vegetation cover. This castle is located in the town of Andenne in the Province of Namur. The place doesn’t have so much interest. Built during the 19th century, the castle was...

Danny Rolling Castle

The “red castle”, an abandoned retirement home for elderly people. It was built in 1889 and after the WWII, it was converted into a luxurious hotel which closed in 2009 for financial reasons. We could see beautiful photos of this place but after to be used by the police...

Remy Lecrenier School

An abandoned school in Belgium, in the center of a little city. No one will return for classes to this school, no student anymore. This abandoned and decaying school is out forever. We explored this abandoned building early in the morning because we slept in our car near the...

Noisy Castle

The castle of Noisy is a big attraction for any urban explorers. A place known all over the world because this magnificent castle is mysterious. A demolition is planned for several years, the place was a summer camp for children and a person not very tactful kept a closely eye on it. Regularly in...
The abandoned house of Marc Dutroux | urbexsession.com/en/marc-dutroux-house | Urbex Belgium

Dutroux’s house – House of horrors – Sars-la-Buissière

Pedophile child-killer Marc Dutroux is considered among the most evil criminals in the history of Belgium. We explored his house in 2014, several years after its crimes. With surprise, we found several personal effects. The atmosphere is heavy inside, a difficult exploration because we feel uncomfortable. Located in the...


Split-Dalmatia County


Jadran Hotel

The Jadran Hotel was one of the socialist Yugoslavia’s first hotel. It represents the Tito’s favorite architecture. The hotel was built in 1950 and we found it in a beautiful place on the coast, situated on the coast along the beach. After the war, the hotel was used as...



Timea Faludi Castle

An abandoned castle known under the name of the ghostly castle and used as a barracks for artillery units. Built at the end of the 19th century, Nazi troops established a base there during the World War II. After the war, the Soviet army moved in, remaining residents of...


Region Hovedstaden


Peter Lundin Hospital

We found an hospital with several abandoned building in Denmark. It remains nothing inside and the place has been vandalized. We were happy to discover the morgue which remains well preserved, still very clean. The place is a real labyrinth, you could easily be lost. We do not give...




Keller Castle

In a village of Alsace, by the roadside, through brambles and weeds, this magnificent castle resists. Well known by the inhabitants, inside we discovered its unsuspected architectural beauty. Under its glass roof, we discovered a big mirror. A place used for shooting photo, the place is well known by...



Luciano Ponzetto Zoo

This abandoned zoo is located near volcanoes in the Auvergne region in France. There are no more traces of animals except prospectuses and photos. The place has been abandoned for about ten years. It was difficult to imagine the place full of life with kids. We do not give...
Abandoned Castle in France | urbexsession.com/en/castle-of-versannes-biozat | Urbex France

Castle of Versannes | Biozat

The construction of the castle of Versannes dates the XIXth century. With its two levels in a Gothic neo-style, this castle is located near Vichy, in a city called Biozat. We didn’t find a lot of information about this place. We do not give the location of this place...

Pierre Dufour Convent

This abandoned convent is in a village in the province of Lyon. The nature covers the place, trees and brambles protects this abandoned place. With the damages made by the time and ten years after its closure, the atmosphere of the place is heavy with a chapel in ruin...



Yves Dandonneau Manor

An abandoned manor in which it remains nothing from its past. We saw a lot of photos of this place with a lot of books and we were disappointed to discover the place like that, nothing inside, nothing to imagine the past and people living in this place. We...



Mennechet Castle

Mennechet Castle was built during the late nineteenth century in the city of Chiry-Ourscamp in Picardie. The castle was designed in 1880 to receive the artworks of Alphonse Mennechet of Barival: it paintings, sculptures and ceramics. He wanted to open a museum with the construction of a gallery in...

Ted Bundy Hospital

This hospital has been abandoned since its last use several years ago. We discovered a beautiful place in this hospital with medical equipments. It is always interesting to find things from the past and imagine the life in the place. We do not give the location of this place...



Engelmann’s office

This abandoned place is truly amazing. Located in Lorraine, this place was an office belonging to a steel company. The interior is dark, with a magical and terrible atmosphere at the same time. There remains plenty of things with for example old typewriters, files and other archives. An unforgettable...
Abandoned Castle in France | urbexsession.com/en/marquise-de-brinvillierss-castle | Urbex France

Marquise de Brinvilliers’s Castle

This castle in the Region of Lorraine in France is now abandoned. It was constructed in a Louis XV style during the years 1800. The castle is a monument in the city, it is an attraction for holidaymakers staying in the region. We do not give the location of...
Abandoned school in France

Guy Georges School

In Lorraine, in the middle of a village, this abandoned boarding school cannot go unnoticed due to its considerable size. The funny anecdote is that a part of the building is used with some classrooms, a surprising contrast. Inside, this is a typical atmosphere of the 70s, the architecture, the decoration and...



Hotel du Chalet – Saint Jean d’Angely – France

An abandoned hotel in the city of Saint Jean d’Angely in the south of France. It was very dangerous inside, we could not discover whole of the place. This hotel is just at the opposite of the railway station of this little city. We do not give the location...
af 447-discotheque-28

AF 447 NightClub

We found this abandoned nightclub in the countryside in the South of France. We discovered a plane and a little replica of the statue of Liberty which make the originality of the place. From the 1980s, this place had a big success and changed its name many times. We...
Abandoned Castle in Aquitaine | urbexsession.com/en/francisca-ballesteros-castle | Urbex France

Francisca Ballesteros Castle

In a lost village in France, we found this abandoned castle it still stands after many years. The doors were open, it was easy for us to go inside and explore the place. Inside there only remains a piano and a baby carriage in the living room. The castle...

Emma Clinic

One Sunday afternoon, in a quiet little town, we visited an abandoned clinic. It wasn’t possible to go inside without climbing the wall. We had to be careful not to be seen by the neighbors and the cars passing by. Finally, we entered this clinic which was abandoned since...
Abandoned hotel in France - Hotel Thomas Quick - Urbex

Thomas Quick Hotel

Lost in France, surrounded by the mountains, in the heart of a village, we found this huge abandoned hotel, one of our most beautiful explorations. Inside, the place was threatening to collapse. We weren’t reassured by the majestic staircase supported by wooden beams. Despite its sad condition, it was easy to imagine...
Hotel Lynn Rader

Lynn Rader Hotel

A charming abandoned hotel lost in a small village in Aquitaine. Although it was abandoned many years ago, the place is well preserved with a lot of surprise, rooms are still equipped with a smell of mould. We met a guard during our exploration, the last one, a lovely...

Albert Guay Castle

Protected by the nature, this castle is invaded by the vegetation, it is impossible to know that behind this vegetation there is this beautiful castle, abandoned for about ten years. It was during a long time a retirement home which closed due to problems in respect of standards norms for elderly people. During our...

Fryberg Hotel

An abandoned hotel in the forest and near the lake. We found this hotel in a beautiful village not so far from the beach with a lot of holiday homes around this place. We do not give the location of this place for security reasons and do not encourage...

Matti Haapoja Castle

An abandoned castle in the South of France built between the XIe and XIIIe centuries. Nothing inside, we were a little disappointed. This castle is listed as a historical monument. We do not give the location of this place for security reasons and do not encourage to explore it....
Château Gordon Hay

Gordon Hay Castle

An abandoned castle in the South of France. The owners were very rich and members to a Rotary Club. Rotary International is the world’s largest humanitarian service professional club with over 1 million members in a lot of different countries. This castle was finally bought by the city and...

Sulejman Talovic Castle

We do not give the location of this place for security reasons and do not encourage to explore it. There are many cases of accidents in abandoned buildings. Please don’t ask for address or indication as you will be ignored. “Let’s explore other abandoned castles in France here :...
Château Jim Jones

Jim Jones Castle

An abandoned castle in the South of France. With a park of 11 hectares and near the town hall, this castle is now abandoned, plundered and squatted. It closed in 1998 and was sold in 2000 to English people. We do not give the location of this place for...
Usine Plumain

Plumain Factory

An engine production plant built in 1890 and closed approximately in 2005. We do not give the location of this place for security reasons and do not encourage to explore it. There are many cases of accidents in abandoned buildings. Please don’t ask for address or indication as you...



Marko Bey Castle

This abandoned castle, located in Normandy, is impressive. The place has been vandalized but still keeps its charm. The castle was once a golf course and a hotel. Nature takes back golf course. The last owner has had a lot of legal troubles with suspicions of money laundering, a...

Eva Coo Castle

An abandoned castle with a beautiful facade but it remains nothing inside. We didn’t discover some remains from its past, it was difficult to imagine people living inside. Let’s discover this abandoned castle in France! We do not give the location of this place for security reasons and do...

Violette Noziere Hospital

A long exploration in this huge abandoned hospital. A beautiful place with a large theatre room and a wonderful church which remains in near perfect condition. It was a seminary before to be used as an hospital. We do not give the location of this place for security reasons...

Lamare Castle

In the Norman countryside, isolated, this abandoned castle hides an unsuspected treasure. Just arrived in the park, we saw this magnificent castle, intact, without degradation. Inside we discovered a lot of things, which made our heads spin. A big library, a lounge with a beautiful sofa and a billiard...

Vila Dilme Castle

This castle is located in Normandy at about one hour from Rouen, isolated in the countryside, along a small road. Inside this place, we found few clues about its activity because the place has been cleaned. According to our information, the castle was a care unit and it is...

Occitania – Pyrenees-Mediterranean


Louis Poirson Sex Club

An abandoned Sex Club, who does not dream to enter in this kind of place at least once in its life. We could discover several rooms dedicated to different types of sex experiences and a lot of posters and magazines. We do not give the location of this place...

Valgros Castle – Frontenac – Bram

Abandoned, plundered and burned, Valgros Castle remains still alive, with its beautiful facade reflecting in the water. Behind the beautiful facade, the castle is completely empty, the last fire condemned the place. This castle was built in the 19th century (1870) and is situated in the city of Bram, about twenty kilometers from Carcassonne....

Erno Soto Hospital

In a village of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, we discovered this old hospital abandoned since the 1960s. We had no idea of what we will discover because we did not see any photos from this place before. From outside, the hospital seemed to be very old, no doubt, the place was...

Halabi Castle

Exploration of an abandoned castle in the South East of France. The castle has suffered from vandalism but remains a beautiful abandoned place with great fireplaces. This castle was a retirement home for athletic people and then an hotel. After the bankruptcy, the place was abandoned and a terrible...

Papin Hotel

An abandoned hotel restaurant where a lot of conferences took place and company seminaries. The place was closed after bankruptcy. Bought by several private companies, who tried to save the place. But they failed in their attempt and the place is now abandoned ever since. We do not give...
Abandoned school in France | urbexsession.com/en/joseph-vacher-school | Urbex France

Joseph Vacher School

Isolated, alone in the mountains of the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France, we discovered this old school with a magnificent chapel which is likely to fall down. The place is abandoned for approximately twenty years but it remained a lot of things inside, old schoolbags, school reports, school books, tables and chairs in...

Pays de la Loire


Léon-Bollée Football Stadium | Le Mans

Léon-Bollée Football stadium, built in 1906, was used mostly for football matches and was the home stadium of Le Mans UC72 until 2011. This stadium was able to hold about 18,000 people. It was replaced by another stadium. There is nobody anymore in the playing field. We do not...

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Abandoned hospital in France | urbexsession.com/en/felix-zehetner-hospital | Urbex France

Felix Zehetner Hospital

In the Azure Coast, there is an abandoned hospital, lost in the mountains. Hidden behind trees, we cannot find this place by accident. Abandoned for several years, the place is degraded but we found old scientific journals and magazines, a return in the past through pages. Inside, a chapel...



Sanatorium Werner Boost

Werner Boost Sanatorium

The construction of this sanatorium began in 1912 on the outskirts of Berlin. In 1952, the place was transformed in a private hospital specialized in the treatment of the skin. The place was abandoned in 1994. We discovered that there is a kennel in the park, we have to...

Beelitz Heilstätten

This complex was built in the end of the 19th century. Over 25 years, more than 100,000 patients were treated here, mostly for tuberculosis. During the 1st and 2nd World War, the complex was used as military hospital for the German army. Adolf Hitler was treated there for an...



Paul Minow House

This house was the home of a doctor who was a specialist in the field of urology. Abandoned for many years, the house still contains a lot of things and medical items. The lower two floors were the surgery with examination rooms and an operating room and the upper...



Oleg Naumov Hotel

One of our best explorations. In fact, we discovered in this hotel the beauty of decay. A forgotten place which have a very mystical atmosphere. We loved in this hotel the way how nature reclaims its rights. We saw the nature conquering what man has left. We do not...




Mediterranean Sky – Abandoned Boat

MS Mediterranean Sky was a boat built in 1953 in the United Kingdom under the name of City of York. It maintained its service until 1971, when it became the Mediterranean Sky. His last voyage was in August 1996, when it sailed from Brindisi to Patras. Due to the...




Ali Kaya Nightclub

This club opened in 1929. In the 50s and 60s, it was a great place with the participation of the biggest orchestras in the world like that of Edward Lucchina. The Miss Italy contest took place here, it was the place to be until the end of the 70s,...

Friuli-Venezia Giulia


Miro NightClub

The last night of this dance club took place on Saturday, 25th September 2010. The place is now abandoned with little interest. It remains some dance podiums and some elements. We do not give the location of this place for security reasons and do not encourage to explore it....



Cesare Serviatti House

Built in 1907, this villa on the seafront is magnificent, its architecture doesn’t leave anyone unconcerned. This place had several lifes, first at all a summer camp and after a hospital. The villa was abandoned in 1998 because it felt apart and without money to restore it. Now the...


Abandoned Amusement Park in Italy | urbexsession.com/en/beaver-land-abandoned-amusement-park-in-italy | Urbex Italy

Beaver Land – Abandoned Amusement Park in Italy

After two attempts, it is time to take pictures from this amusement park. It was built in the 1960s and fell into decline due to management problems and property disputes. It was closed and abandoned since 2002. We do not give the location of this place for security reasons...



Divina NightClub

A nightclub in the province of Cuneo, it was famous during evenings in the late 1970s. This dance club has not survived to the emergence of the electronic music. The Divina NightClub closed its doors at the beginning of the 21st century due to the bankruptcy. We do not...

Ultimo Impero NightClub

Opened in 1992, “Ultimo Impero” was a famous nightclub near Turin. 8000 people could dance on its 4 floors during the greatest period of the nightclub. We could listen techno music and house music with for example as DJ Gigi Di Agostino, Claudio Diva James and Orlando. There was...

Cesar Palace NightClub

About ​​3000 square meters for this beautiful nightclub. Under the leadership of four partners, who were the owners of other nightclubs in Montefalcone and Codevilla, “Cesar Palace” was at its peak in the 90s. Under the name “Hippodrome” at the beginning and renamed “Cesar Palace”, the nightclub closed in...



Ozgur Dengiz NightClub

With ​​an area of about 36,000 square meters with a beautiful view, we had the pleasure to explore this nightclub which looks like a castle. A lot of people went to this nightclub during its best period with a lot of stars, actors, dancers and politicians. After two years...

Allen Delk Nightclub

In an industrial area, this nightclub is abandoned for many years and remained well preserved. We discovered the interior design with a Gallo-Roman trend and an antique and chic style. It has been a long time now that the DJ left the place. We do not give the location...



Bodein House

In a small village of Luxembourg, at the roadside, there is this abandoned house with a lot of surprises. From the outside, nothing let us think to a great exploration, the place felt into ruin with signs indicating the risks to come in. Inside we found a museum with...




Cecile Bombeek Asylum

Exploration of this abandoned mental hospital in Norway with beautiful massive buildings. This place was shut down in the mid 80`s, the politicians don’t know what to do with these buildings. There are a lot of rumors about this place, like lobotomy and abuse of patiens. Many people are...



Arnfinn Nesset House

An abandoned house along the road. We discovered this house during our road trip of summer 2016. We had no information about this place before we discovered it at random. Abandoned House in Norway. #urbex #abandoned #house #exploration Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 27...


palais-heriberto seda-0

Heriberto Seda Palace

One of the most famous abandoned buildings in Portugal : an abandoned palace built during the 19th century and abandoned in 1980’s. Easy to enter inside, all the doors and the windows are opened. We do not give the location of this place for security reasons and do not...
Abandoned Asylum in Portugal - Urbex

Marie Besnard Asylum

This mental hospital opened in 1930 and closed its doors in 2002. Through its corridors, it remained clothes from patients and a mock up of the asylum. We do not give the location of this place for security reasons and do not encourage to explore it. There are many cases...
Hôtel Ignacio Cuevas

Ignacio Cuevas Hotel

Looking for a hotel to stay for the night, we discovered this huge hotel in the center of the city. We immediately went to inspect the place and through windows we confirmed that the place is abandoned. The following morning, with the fog, we looked for any discreet entrance,...

Louise Vermilyea House

Exploration of this huge property including a big villa and several outbuildings. In spite of the time and the vandalism, it remained mural paintings and frescos testifying to the beauty of the place. We do not give the location of this place for security reasons and do not encourage...
Internat abandonné au Portugal

Charity Lamb School

From the road in the distance, we discovered this huge school, lost in a dead village. The surroundings are wilderness, the place is really lost. All the doors were opened, we went inside and discovered a place with a lot of things, school year photos, school reports on the...
Abandoned amusement park in Portugal | urbexsession.com/en/raf-park-abandoned-amusement-park-in-portugal | Urbex Portugal

Raf Park – Abandoned Amusement Park in Portugal

This amusement park closed in 2012. Unfortunately, during our exploration, it remained no attraction from its past. We do not give the location of this place for security reasons and do not encourage to explore it. There are many cases of accidents in abandoned buildings. Please don’t ask for...


Bezrucova Hospital – Bratislava – Slovakia

Bezrucova Hospital – Bratislava – Slovakia

In the center of Bratislava, we found this huge hospital, built in 1937 and now abandoned. At the beginning, the building was dedicated to the insurance. After it was used as an hospital until its closing in 2008. This hospital is on Bezručova street, near the St. Elizabeth´s Church,...




Seminary of Santa Maria of Los Angeles

We walked for a long time before arriving at this seminary. We were not alone, the vultures watched over us. We discovered the facade of this huge seminary with a big cross. There were no difficulty to come inside but we discovered an empty place, without any interest. This seminary was a convent before,...



Abandoned Aquatic Park in Sitges

This abandoned waterpark, located in the town of Sitges near Barcelona, ​​L’aquàtic, only opened during two summers. Due to numerous debts and lack of sponsors, the park closed its doors during the 90s. The pools are now the delight for skaters, tags and airsoft. We do not give the...
Abandoned Swimming Pool in Spain | urbexsession.com/en/abandoned-pool-in-rubi | Urbex Spain

Abandoned pool in Rubí

Las piscinas de Castellnou, located in Rubí near Barcelona in Spain, built in the 1960s, knew a huge success. Up to 4,000 people could attend the complex during crowd’s moments. With the increase of the purchasing power of the Catalan families and complexes with a better equipment, the place...


Abandoned amusement park | urbexsession.com/en/big-world-land | Urbex Sweden

Big World Land

Welcome to the Big World Land in 2016, several years after its closing time. We were very surprised to discover a lot of things. We saw a watchman at the entrance so we had to be discreet and try not to attract attention. We walked across a small forest,...



Baekuni Sanatorium

A never ending road in the mountain, with bends in repetition, this abandoned sanatorium is isolated.  This wonderful place, surrounded by trees and sheeps and weedy, is empty and cleaned, not much interest inside. It is difficult to imagine the place during its useful life. We enjoyed the view and the fresh air....


Visit Chernobyl and Pripyat

Chernobyl – Pripyat

People react in different ways when you mention this city. They don’t imagine our interest for this city but most of urban explorers dream to visit Chernobyl and the abandoned city of Pripyat. Since the disaster, the town remains unfit for human habitation. On the 27th December 2016, as...