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Harzburger Hof Hotel

Abandoned since 2010 and burnt down in 2013 and 2014, this big hotel is waiting for its final destruction. Situated in the city of Harzburg, the hotel “Harzburger Hof” was …

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Oleg Naumov Hotel

One of our best explorations. In fact, we discovered in this hotel the beauty of decay. A forgotten place which have a very mystical atmosphere. We loved in this hotel …

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The Dutch Pavilion

The 2000 World Expo, with the Netherlands Pavilion designed by the studio MVRDV, was the first World Expo in Germany and was held from June 1 to October 31, 2000 …

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Werner Boost Sanatorium

The construction of this sanatorium began in 1912 on the outskirts of Berlin. In 1952, the place was transformed in a private hospital specialized in the treatment of the skin. …

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A cult place, a major place, the amusement park – Spreepark – opened in 1969 is located next to Berlin and went bankrupt in 2002 due to a lot of debts. Some attractions were resold …

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Alexander Sandy Keith Sanatorium

In a small town in Germany, we discovered this sanatorium with many buildings. Inside the peeling paint on the walls created an incredible atmosphere and we discovered frescoes of the …

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Paul Minow House

This house was the home of a doctor who was a specialist in the field of urology. Abandoned for many years, the house still contains a lot of things and …

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Simon Fraser School

Exploration of a large abandoned school located in Germany. Disused but used for airsoft. There is also a large abandoned chapel. A very interesting place to explore.

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Beelitz Heilstätten

This complex was built in the end of the 19th century. Over 25 years, more than 100,000 patients were treated here, mostly for tuberculosis. During the 1st and 2nd World …

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Farda Gadirov Sanatorium

A huge abandoned sanatorium in Germany which has been uninhabited for many years. The structure is now deteriorated. The walls are still standing, but the paint is peeling. Now this …

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Tetzner Hotel

This hotel opened in 1946 in Saxony-Anhalt and was a luxurious establishment with a good reputation. The rooms were big and offered a beautiful view over the mountain. Important ceremonies …

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Berthold Wehmeyer Asylum

Exploration of this abandoned asylum located in the Land of Brandenburg in Germany. With several small buildings, the place has few interest, most of the rooms are empty, a disappointment. …

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Peter Grupen Ballroom

An abandoned ballroom in Germany. The first dance was in 1890. It is now abandoned for more than 20 years. This was a famous dance hall with several rooms and …

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Erich Steinfurth Sanatorium

Built in 1881 as a hotel, it became the “Erich Steinfurth Sanatorium” in 1927. It was a modern institution, well-equipped with various inhalation methods. This sanatorium treated children with breathing …

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Embassy of Iraq in Berlin

Let’s discover the deserted embassy of Iraq in Berlin. Built in 1974, the place remained abandoned since 1991. After twenty years of abandonment, there remained few things: typewriters, furnitures and …

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Krampnitz Kaserne

Krampnitz Kaserne was German military complex outside of Berlin. Since 1992 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, this vast site has remained abandoned. Deep, dark, absolutely huge, facing an …