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Posted on 0 1 m read

Vasili Komaroff Hotel

In Lorraine, in the East of France, we discovered this majestic abandoned hotel. The place looks beautiful from the outside and is a ruin inside. On the walls there are …

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Hotel du Chalet – Saint Jean d’Angely – France

An abandoned hotel in the city of Saint Jean d’Angely in the south of France. It was very dangerous inside, we could not discover whole of the place. This hotel …

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Papin Hotel

An abandoned hotel restaurant where a lot of conferences took place and company seminaries. The place was closed after bankruptcy. Bought by several private companies, who tried to save the …

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Thomas Quick Hotel

Lost in France, surrounded by the mountains, in the heart of a village, we found this huge abandoned hotel, one of our most beautiful explorations. Inside, the place was threatening to collapse. We …

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Lynn Rader Hotel

A charming abandoned hotel lost in a small village in Aquitaine. Although it was abandoned many years ago, the place is well preserved with a lot of surprise, rooms are …

Posted on 4 1 m read

Fryberg Hotel

An abandoned hotel in the forest and near the lake. We found this hotel in a beautiful village not so far from the beach with a lot of holiday homes …