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Roland Cazaux Castle

This castle located in the region of New Aquitaine was built during the 17th century. One of the former owners was guillotined during the revolution. One of the last owners …

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Francisca Ballesteros Castle

In a lost village in France, we found this abandoned castle it still stands after many years. The doors were open, it was easy for us to go inside and …

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Albert Guay Castle

Protected by the nature, this castle is invaded by the vegetation, it is impossible to know that behind this vegetation there is this beautiful castle, abandoned for about ten years. …

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Matti Haapoja Castle

An abandoned castle in the South of France built between the XIe and XIIIe centuries. Nothing inside, we were a little disappointed. This castle is listed as a historical monument. …

Gordon Hay Castle

An abandoned castle in the South of France. The owners were very rich and members to a Rotary Club. Rotary International is the world’s largest humanitarian service professional club with …

Sulejman Talovic Castle

Abandoned castle in France.

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Jim Jones Castle

An abandoned castle in the South of France. With a park of 11 hectares and near the town hall, this castle is now abandoned, plundered and squatted. It closed in …

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Edward Gein Castle

Abandoned castle surrounded by vineyards next to Bordeaux. A place in bad conditions with an uninteresting interior. However we discovered a beautiful outside view with the pool and the surroundings. …