Marko Bey Castle

This abandoned castle, located in Normandy, is impressive. The place has been vandalized but still keeps its charm. The castle was once a golf course and a hotel. Nature takes back golf course. The last owner has had a lot of legal troubles with suspicions of money laundering, a complicated story. You can still discover an old chapel and several wooden houses.

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  1. You, and your fellow “explorers”, and let’s use that expression loosely, you are trespassing on private property like common thieves.. are responsible for the looting, vandalism and destruction of these properties.
    I was able to figure out the location in 3 minutes thanks to you. There is no doubt in my mind that you are personally responsible for the the rapid deterioration of this Chateau since having published your article. Shame on you.

    Vous, et vos compagnons “explorateurs”, et utilisons cette expression librement, vous empiétez sur des propriétés privées comme des voleurs ordinaires .. êtes responsables du pillage, du vandalisme et de la destruction de ces propriétés.
    J’ai pu comprendre l’emplacement en 3 minutes grâce à vous. Il ne fait aucun doute dans mon esprit que vous êtes personnellement responsable de la détérioration rapide de ce château depuis la publication de votre article. Honte à toi.

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