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Timea Faludi Castle

An abandoned castle known under the name of the ghostly castle and used as a barracks for artillery units. Built at the end of the 19th century, Nazi troops established …

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Eugene Aram Sanatorium

Exploration of a big sanatorium, a place for the care and treatment of people who are recovering from illness or who have a disease that will last a long time. …

Posted on 4 1 m read

Samsonova Castle

We explored this splendid castle in summer 2016 and we were pleased to discover a lot of things inside. It remained a piano, desks, beds. We were very surprised to …

Posted on 1 1 m read

Valgros Castle – Frontenac – Bram

Abandoned, plundered and burned, Valgros Castle remains still alive, with its beautiful facade reflecting in the water. Behind the beautiful facade, the castle is completely empty, the last fire condemned the place. …

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Francisca Ballesteros Castle

In a lost village in France, we found this abandoned castle it still stands after many years. The doors were open, it was easy for us to go inside and …

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Halabi Castle

Exploration of an abandoned castle in the South East of France. The castle has suffered from vandalism but remains a beautiful abandoned place with great fireplaces. This castle was a …

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Arthur Bishop Castle

This castle is really wonderful, with nice frescoes and a beautiful architecture, the historical heritage of the place is really incredible. With little damaged by the time, it was necessary to go through bramble and …

Posted on 7 1 m read

Pavlovich Castle

In a posh area of the Parisian region, we found this little castle with a wonderful piano and a billiard table inside, showing the wealth of this endangered place.

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Posted on 2 1 m read

Lamare Castle

In the Norman countryside, isolated, this abandoned castle hides an unsuspected treasure. Just arrived in the park, we saw this magnificent castle, intact, without degradation. Inside we discovered a lot …

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Albert Dyer Castle

In the Parisian region, in bad condition, this castle was vandalized and plundered. A fast exploration with not much reminder. Goodbye castle.

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Albert Guay Castle

Protected by the nature, this castle is invaded by the vegetation, it is impossible to know that behind this vegetation there is this beautiful castle, abandoned for about ten years. It was during a …

Posted on 1 1 m read

Noisy Castle

The castle of Noisy is a big attraction for any urban explorers. A place known all over the world because this magnificent castle is mysterious. A demolition is planned for several years, the …

Posted on 1 1 m read

Matti Haapoja Castle

An abandoned castle in the South of France built between the XIe and XIIIe centuries. Nothing inside, we were a little disappointed. This castle is listed as a historical monument. …

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Matencio Castle

A beautiful abandoned castle in France, built at the end of the 19th century. The highlights of this place was the main entrance hall with a large staircase topped with …

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Vila Dilme Castle

This castle is located in Normandy at about one hour from Rouen, isolated in the countryside, along a small road. Inside this place, we found few clues about its activity …

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Angelo Buono Castle

An abandoned castle in France with a rich history. It was a small castle from the XIII century owned by a Baron. The castle was destroyed and rebuilt during the …

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Gordon Hay Castle

An abandoned castle in the South of France. The owners were very rich and members to a Rotary Club. Rotary International is the world’s largest humanitarian service professional club with …

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Sulejman Talovic Castle

Abandoned castle in France.

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Jim Jones Castle

An abandoned castle in the South of France. With a park of 11 hectares and near the town hall, this castle is now abandoned, plundered and squatted. It closed in …

Posted on 6 1 m read

Popkov Castle

Listed historical monument, this castle from the XVII century and modified during the XIX century dies in the heart of a small village in the Paris area in France.

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Fruminet Castle

An abandoned castle in the North of France which has been uninhabited for many years. It stands completely still, but the structure is deteriorating. Now this castle is crumbling into …

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Keller Castle

In a village of Alsace, by the roadside, through brambles and weeds, this magnificent castle resists. Well known by the inhabitants, inside we discovered its unsuspected architectural beauty. Under its …