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06 May 2016

Seminary of Santa Maria of Los Angeles

We walked for a long time before arriving at this seminary. We were not alone, the vultures watched over us. We discovered the facade of this huge seminary with a big cross. There were no difficulty to come inside but we discovered an empty place, without any interest. This seminary was a convent before, founded in 1490, and was finally abandoned in 1971.

16 Mar 2016

Timothy Judy House

We discovered this abandoned luxurious house on the road, on the Spanish roads. On the ground floor, doors and windows were locked but a small hidden passage allowed us to go into the house. What exploration, what a surprise! We never found a place like that with so much wealth. According to our searches, the place was abandoned for several years, with only dust to testify of that. A place without vandalism and looting, a blessing protected this place until […]

28 Feb 2014

Abandoned Aquatic Park in Sitges

This abandoned waterpark, located in the town of Sitges near Barcelona, ​​L’aquàtic, only opened during two summers. Due to numerous debts and lack of sponsors, the park closed its doors during the 90s. The pools are now the delight for skaters, tags and airsoft.

25 Feb 2014
Abandoned Swimming Pool in Spain | urbexsession.com/en/abandoned-pool-in-rubi | Urbex Spain

Abandoned pool in Rubí

Las piscinas de Castellnou, located in Rubí near Barcelona in Spain, built in the 1960s, knew a huge success. Up to 4,000 people could attend the complex during crowd’s moments. With the increase of the purchasing power of the Catalan families and complexes with a better equipment, the place experienced a gradual decline in terms of visitors and facilities. It closed definitively in the 80s after the death of several children on the diving platform.