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09 Sep 2016

Remy Lecrenier School

An abandoned school in Belgium, in the center of a little city. No one will return for classes to this school, no student anymore. This abandoned and decaying school is out forever. We explored this abandoned building early in the morning because we slept in our car near the school to be ready for a discreet expedition. Hope you will enjoy these photos as we enjoyed this exploration.   École abandonnée en Belgique. #urbex #belgium #abandonedschool #urbanexploration Une photo publiée […]

06 May 2016

Vinko Pintarik University

This huge university can not go unnoticed. You can find it in a little city in the countryside. We had to be careful with the neighbours. It remained a lot of things from its past. After more than two hours exploring the place, we went outside and saw the police, watching around the university. We left the place without being seen.

16 Mar 2016
Internat abandonné au Portugal

Charity Lamb School

From the road in the distance, we discovered this huge school, lost in a dead village. The surroundings are wilderness, the place is really lost. All the doors were opened, we went inside and discovered a place with a lot of things, school year photos, school reports on the ground. We walked in the school through its corridors in a soothing silence.

16 Mar 2016

Leonarda Cianciulli School

Inhabited by cats, this school has suffered from vandalism. Nevertheless, we found several things to take in photo, for example this magnificent chapel still intact, the vandals seems to not be atheists. Surprising anecdote, during our exploration, there was a short earthquake, which added adrenalin to this activity.

16 Mar 2016

Guy Georges School

In Lorraine, in the middle of a village, this abandoned boarding school cannot go unnoticed due to its considerable size. The funny anecdote is that a part of the building is used with some classrooms, a surprising contrast. Inside, this is a typical atmosphere of the 70s, the architecture, the decoration and the objects bring us back in time. One of the most beautiful explorations with a gymnasium, a kitchen, classrooms and a magnificent chapel. Just a door separates the abandoned part from the useful […]

16 Mar 2016
Abandoned school in France | urbexsession.com/en/joseph-vacher-school | Urbex France

Joseph Vacher School

Isolated, alone in the mountains of the Languedoc-Roussillon region in France, we discovered this old school with a magnificent chapel which is likely to fall down. The place is abandoned for approximately twenty years but it remained a lot of things inside, old schoolbags, school reports, school books, tables and chairs in classrooms. It was incredible to see so many preserved things. A dangerous exploration because the place is likely to fall down.

16 Mar 2016

Vera Renczi School

This high school, abandoned in the 1990s, is gorgeous. Despite a poor facade, inside it is majestic with a splendid glass roof. Located in a Belgian big city, the place is often vandalized, plundered and squatted. A project of rehabilitation was announced a long time ago, not started for the moment. Lycée abandonné en Belgique, un des plus beaux spots explorés. #urbex #abandonedbelgium #abandonedschool #urbanexploration #decay Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 4 Juil. 2016 à […]