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03 May 2016

Heriberto Seda Palace

One of the most famous abandoned buildings in Portugal : an abandoned palace built during the 19th century and abandoned in 1980’s. Easy to enter inside, all the doors and the windows are opened.

25 Apr 2016
Abandoned Asylum in Portugal - Urbex

Marie Besnard Asylum

This mental hospital opened in 1930 and closed its doors in 2002. Through its corridors, it remained clothes from patients and a mock up of the asylum.

16 Mar 2016

Ignacio Cuevas Hotel

Looking for a hotel to stay for the night, we discovered this huge hotel in the center of the city. We immediately went to inspect the place and through windows we confirmed that the place is abandoned. The following morning, with the fog, we looked for any discreet entrance, the weather was with us. By a broken window for only access, we went inside. The place was already cleaned and emptied but it remained some relics from the past. It […]

16 Mar 2016

Louise Vermilyea House

Exploration of this huge property including a big villa and several outbuildings. In spite of the time and the vandalism, it remained mural paintings and frescos testifying to the beauty of the place.

16 Mar 2016
Internat abandonné au Portugal

Charity Lamb School

From the road in the distance, we discovered this huge school, lost in a dead village. The surroundings are wilderness, the place is really lost. All the doors were opened, we went inside and discovered a place with a lot of things, school year photos, school reports on the ground. We walked in the school through its corridors in a soothing silence.

30 May 2015
Abandoned amusement park in Portugal | urbexsession.com/en/raf-park-abandoned-amusement-park-in-portugal | Urbex Portugal

Raf Park – Abandoned Amusement Park in Portugal

This amusement park closed in 2012. Unfortunately, during our exploration, it remained no attraction from its past.