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02 Feb 2017

Van Nierop Dentist Office

A unique place to visit, a dentist office that provided general dentistry which is now abandoned in Belgium. Located in a residential area, we entered discreetly to not be seen by the neighbors, the door was open. The interior was quite empty but it remained some medical equipments: posters, medical products and all the instruments used for extracting teeth. The place was abandoned for years but remained well preserved.     Cabinet de dentiste abandonné en Belgique. #urbex #abandoned #belgium […]

31 Jan 2017

House Luka Magnotta

Located in a peaceful neighborhood, you cannot see this house if you don’t know before that it is abandoned. We managed to get inside discreetly. Obviously, the house had to belong to an elderly couple who died and nobody bought the house. Everything is intact inside, it’s really fantastic. The most impressive room is certainly the attic with old portraits, maybe the inhabitants of the house, it will remain a mystery. An exploration in silence and respect.   Te moque […]

01 Jan 2017
Colimaçon Manor - Joachim Kroll Manor, abandoned manor in France | urbexsession.com/en/joachim-kroll-manor | Urbex France

Joachim Kroll Manor

This manor built around the year 1800 has been abandoned since 1999. We discovered its amazing back staircase which provides access to its 3 floors. It remained nothing inside from its past. Some sheeps keep a close eye on this manor.   Une des icônes de l’île de France, ce manoir abandonné. #urbanexploration #urbexfrance #urbexparis #urbex #urbexiledefrance #iledefrance #abandonedmanor Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 11 Nov. 2016 à 7h39 PST Le manoir le plus célèbre […]

10 Oct 2016

Ozan Selamet Manor

Exploration of an abandoned manor in France. You could discover all its beauty and its advanced decay. This once great manor has slipped into a state of ruin. We capture a lot of images of this deserted building. Let’s visit this abandoned place!   #3 Une trentaine de minutes de marche à travers les herbes hautes pour découvrir cette sublime demeure abandonnée #urbex #roadtrip2016 Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 13 Juin 2016 à 7h00 PDT

26 Aug 2016

Leslie Irvin House

An abandoned villa where it remains a lot of things from its past. It’s been abandoned for many years now. We were very happy to find a lot of things to discover the life of the owners. Villa abandonnée en Belgique, une belle exploration. #urbex #belgium #abandonedhouse #exploration #urbanexploration Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 2 Juil. 2016 à 13h56 PDT Villa abandonnée en Belgique. La montée royale. #urbex #abandonedhouse #belgium #exploration #urbanexploration Une photo publiée […]

24 Jul 2016

Arnfinn Nesset House

An abandoned house along the road. We discovered this house during our road trip of summer 2016. We had no information about this place before we discovered it at random. Abandoned House in Norway. #urbex #abandoned #house #exploration Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 27 Juin 2016 à 10h31 PDT Dans une maison abandonnée en Norvège. #urbex #roadtrip2016 #abandoned #house #old Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 27 Juin 2016 à 10h52 […]

04 Jun 2016

Yves Dandonneau Manor

An abandoned manor in which it remains nothing from its past. We saw a lot of photos of this place with a lot of books and we were disappointed to discover the place like that, nothing inside, nothing to imagine the past and people living in this place. We were cheerful to see the chapel but no entry, we could not enter inside.

03 May 2016

Heriberto Seda Palace

One of the most famous abandoned buildings in Portugal : an abandoned palace built during the 19th century and abandoned in 1980’s. Easy to enter inside, all the doors and the windows are opened.

16 Mar 2016

Timothy Judy House

We discovered this abandoned luxurious house on the road, on the Spanish roads. On the ground floor, doors and windows were locked but a small hidden passage allowed us to go into the house. What exploration, what a surprise! We never found a place like that with so much wealth. According to our searches, the place was abandoned for several years, with only dust to testify of that. A place without vandalism and looting, a blessing protected this place until […]

16 Mar 2016

Louise Vermilyea House

Exploration of this huge property including a big villa and several outbuildings. In spite of the time and the vandalism, it remained mural paintings and frescos testifying to the beauty of the place.

16 Mar 2016

Bodein House

In a small village of Luxembourg, at the roadside, there is this abandoned house with a lot of surprises. From the outside, nothing let us think to a great exploration, the place felt into ruin with signs indicating the risks to come in. Inside we found a museum with the decoration and objects which bring us in the years 1960s. At any moment, we expected to meet an elderly person in a room. An unforgettable exploration, preserved and authentic, this […]

16 Mar 2016

Cesare Serviatti House

Built in 1907, this villa on the seafront is magnificent, its architecture doesn’t leave anyone unconcerned. This place had several lifes, first at all a summer camp and after a hospital. The villa was abandoned in 1998 because it felt apart and without money to restore it. Now the villa is alone on the seafront with few things inside. It was difficult to go inside, in the middle of summer tourists on the beach. A ground of beach volleyball is […]

16 Mar 2016

Camargo Barbosa House

In the countryside, few meters before the entrance of the village, we found this small flashiness house. Inside nothing moved, at any moment we had the impression to see an elderly person living here but there was nobody, only spiders. In this kind of abandoned house, we didn’t know why everything remained like that, a way to have a wild imagination.

16 Mar 2016
The abandoned house of Marc Dutroux | urbexsession.com/en/marc-dutroux-house | Urbex Belgium

Dutroux’s house – House of horrors – Sars-la-Buissière

Pedophile child-killer Marc Dutroux is considered among the most evil criminals in the history of Belgium. We explored his house in 2014, several years after its crimes. With surprise, we found several personal effects. The atmosphere is heavy inside, a difficult exploration because we feel uncomfortable. Located in the heart of a small Belgian village, this house remained a sad vestige.

08 Mar 2016

Mansion of Three Columns – Angervilliers

Angervilliers is a little city in the Essonne department where we can find this abandoned mansion called The 3 columns. Located right next to the City Hall, this building remains the only thing to see in this city, with an abandoned park of 50 hectares since now ten years. Built in the early twentieth century, the Anglo-Norman style mansion still resists to the time’s destructive force. The mansion was the property of the Weisweiller family and they lived the horror […]

05 Mar 2016

Paul Minow House

This house was the home of a doctor who was a specialist in the field of urology. Abandoned for many years, the house still contains a lot of things and medical items. The lower two floors were the surgery with examination rooms and an operating room and the upper three floors were the living area for the doctor and his wife. We discovered a large library of books in both German and English, all around the subject of Urology.