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28 Jan 2017

Martin Dumollard Castle

This abandoned castle, located about one hour from Paris, is just splendid. This place was used as a school and is now abandoned for almost ten years. It remained some tables and paintings inside. The place is quite empty with no much interest. There is now a project for this castle, the facade will be tagged, a tragedy for urban exploration.     Reflet d’une merveille, bien que vide et sans trop peu d’intérêt, ce château abandonné garde fière allure […]

25 Jan 2017

Engelmann’s office

This abandoned place is truly amazing. Located in Lorraine, this place was an office belonging to a steel company. The interior is dark, with a magical and terrible atmosphere at the same time. There remains plenty of things with for example old typewriters, files and other archives. An unforgettable exploration.     Il aura fallu un moment avant de pouvoir immortaliser l’endroit, le brouillard filtrant toute luminosité. #urbexfrance #urbanexploration #urbex Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le […]

21 Jan 2017

Maury Travis Castle

This abandoned castle, located in France, belonged to a famous star of French television. Since his death, the place remained uninhabited. The interior is unfortunately empty and does not present so much interest. The architecture of the place is very atypical.     On commence notre week-end avec ce château abandonné, le bruit incessant des tirs des chasseurs brise notre quiétude, j’espère qu’ils n’ont pas l’ambition de manger du lapin. #urbanexploration #urbexfrance #urbex #abandonedcastle Une photo publiée par An Abandoned […]

18 Jan 2017

Luciano Ponzetto Zoo

This abandoned zoo is located near volcanoes in the Auvergne region in France. There are no more traces of animals except prospectuses and photos. The place has been abandoned for about ten years. It was difficult to imagine the place full of life with kids.   L’aire de jeu abandonné se trouvant dans le zoo. #urbexfrance #urbex #urbanexploration #zoo Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 6 Nov. 2016 à 5h47 PST   De vieilles pancartes arpentent […]

06 Jan 2017
Abandoned aquarium in France | urbexsession.com/en/john-eric-armstrong-aquarium | Urbex France

John Eric Armstrong Aquarium

An amazing abandoned aquarium in France. Let’s go and discover all these abandoned fishponds. Be careful to the shark! This aquarium closed 10 years ago. We infiltrated this abandoned aquarium and spent some hours in this apocalyptic playground.   Exploration insolite et atypique d’un aquarium abandonné. #urbexfrance #urbex #aquarium #explorationurbaine Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 2 Oct. 2016 à 6h37 PDT

03 Jan 2017

Mennechet Castle

Mennechet Castle was built during the late nineteenth century in the city of Chiry-Ourscamp in Picardie. The castle was designed in 1880 to receive the artworks of Alphonse Mennechet of Barival: it paintings, sculptures and ceramics. He wanted to open a museum with the construction of a gallery in the castle. But Mennechet died in 1903 at ninety years old and the castle museum was not completed. The paintings were then donated to the city of Saint-Quentin. During the First […]

01 Jan 2017
Colimaçon Manor - Joachim Kroll Manor, abandoned manor in France | urbexsession.com/en/joachim-kroll-manor | Urbex France

Joachim Kroll Manor

This manor built around the year 1800 has been abandoned since 1999. We discovered its amazing back staircase which provides access to its 3 floors. It remained nothing inside from its past. Some sheeps keep a close eye on this manor.   Une des icônes de l’île de France, ce manoir abandonné. #urbanexploration #urbexfrance #urbexparis #urbex #urbexiledefrance #iledefrance #abandonedmanor Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 11 Nov. 2016 à 7h39 PST Le manoir le plus célèbre […]

18 Dec 2016
Abandoned Castle in France | urbexsession.com/en/marquise-de-brinvillierss-castle | Urbex France

Marquise de Brinvilliers’s Castle

This castle in the Region of Lorraine in France is now abandoned. It was constructed in a Louis XV style during the years 1800. The castle is a monument in the city, it is an attraction for holidaymakers staying in the region.   De la pierre et du latex. Magnifique façade d’un château abandonné en France. #urbexfrance #urbex #chateau #abandonedcastle Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 4 Nov. 2016 à 7h43 PDT Des trésors oubliés, coincés […]

09 Dec 2016
Abandoned Castle in France | urbexsession.com/en/castle-of-versannes-biozat | Urbex France

Castle of Versannes | Biozat

The construction of the castle of Versannes dates the XIXth century. With its two levels in a Gothic neo-style, this castle is located near Vichy, in a city called Biozat. We didn’t find a lot of information about this place.   Une belle carcasse. Château abandonné en France.#urbexfrance #urbanexploration #abandonedcastle #chateau #france🇫🇷 Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 6 Nov. 2016 à 1h23 PST

24 Nov 2016

Marko Bey Castle

This abandoned castle, located in Normandy, is impressive. The place has been vandalized but still keeps its charm. The castle was once a golf course and a hotel. Nature takes back golf course. The last owner has had a lot of legal troubles with suspicions of money laundering, a complicated story. You can still discover an old chapel and several wooden houses.

22 Nov 2016

Rodney Alcala Castle

One of the most beautiful abandoned places in France, this castle is really impressive, a magical place. Abandoned for several years, it remains well preserved. It was used during several years as a summer camp.   Ce château abandonné a vraiment la classe. #urbexfrance #chateau #abandonedcastle #abandonedfrance #urbex Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 2 Oct. 2016 à 9h20 PDT   Château abandonné encore bien préservé. #urbex #urbexfrance #abandonedcastle #abandonedfrance Une photo publiée par An Abandoned […]

20 Nov 2016

Eva Coo Castle

An abandoned castle with a beautiful facade but it remains nothing inside. We didn’t discover some remains from its past, it was difficult to imagine people living inside. Let’s discover this abandoned castle in France!

29 Oct 2016

Léon-Bollée Football Stadium | Le Mans

Léon-Bollée Football stadium, built in 1906, was used mostly for football matches and was the home stadium of Le Mans UC72 until 2011. This stadium was able to hold about 18,000 people. It was replaced by another stadium. There is nobody anymore in the playing field.   Pour le match de ce soir, France-Allemagne de l’Euro 2016, les inquiétudes sont grandes sur la qualité de la pelouse, ça craint! #euro2016 #abandonedstadium #stadium #france #abandonedfrance #urbex #urbanexploration Reportage complet sur notre […]

10 Oct 2016

Ozan Selamet Manor

Exploration of an abandoned manor in France. You could discover all its beauty and its advanced decay. This once great manor has slipped into a state of ruin. We capture a lot of images of this deserted building. Let’s visit this abandoned place!   #3 Une trentaine de minutes de marche à travers les herbes hautes pour découvrir cette sublime demeure abandonnée #urbex #roadtrip2016 Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 13 Juin 2016 à 7h00 PDT

20 Sep 2016

Basudev Thapa Castle

Built at the end of the 17th century, this french castle was used as a spa during the 18th century. After a long time, during the second half of the 20th century, the building became a summer camp for children and a few years later a center for drug addicts detox. It closed at the end of the 20th century. Loneliness is now its destiny.   #1 / Château abandonné, belle exploration de deux heures d’un endroit bien mystérieux. #urbex […]

19 Aug 2016

Ted Bundy Hospital

This hospital has been abandoned since its last use several years ago. We discovered a beautiful place in this hospital with medical equipments. It is always interesting to find things from the past and imagine the life in the place.   Hôpital abandonné dans le Nord-Pas-de-Calais | France. #urbex #urbanexploration #abandonedhospital #abandonedfrance #nordpasdecalais Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 6 Juil. 2016 à 9h51 PDT   Hôpital abandonné dans le Nord-Pas-de-Calais | France. #urbex #abandonedfrance #abandonedhospital […]