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23 Sep 2016

Wayne Lo Amusement Park

An abandoned amusement park in Denmark opened during the 1980’s. It was a park for families and a popular place in Denmark. In 2006, it closed due to the bankruptcy. Investors planned to re-invigorate the park in 2008 but this idea never occurred and the park is now abandoned for a long time.   #23 Parc Aquatique abandonné au Danemark. #urbex #roadtrip2016 #parcaquatique #abandonné #attraction #danemark Une photo publiée par An Abandoned World ☢️⛔️⚠️ (@urbexsession) le 25 Juin 2016 à […]

05 Sep 2016
Abandoned amusement park | urbexsession.com/en/big-world-land | Urbex Sweden

Big World Land

Welcome to the Big World Land in 2016, several years after its closing time. We were very surprised to discover a lot of things. We saw a watchman at the entrance so we had to be discreet and try not to attract attention. We walked across a small forest, it should be the zoo before because we saw several animal pens. We were glad to discover a huge statue with an exceptional view of the park. This is one of […]

20 Jul 2016
Abandoned amusement park in France | urbexsession.com/en/gacy-land-amusement-park | Urbex France

Gacy Land Amusement Park

An amusement park, the kind of place we prefer for exploration. We had an amusement park for us, just for us. We could play and test all attractions with nobody, no queue, no wait.

16 Mar 2016
Spreepark, Abandoned Amusement Park in Germany | urbexsession.com/en/spreepark | Urbex Germany


A cult place, a major place, the amusement park – Spreepark – opened in 1969 is located next to Berlin and went bankrupt in 2002 due to a lot of debts. Some attractions were resold but it remained a few, for example the Ferris wheel which we can see by far. We explored this place during the summer 2014 just before the fire which damaged a large part of the park. Arrived in front of the railings of the park, the exploration began badly when we saw two guards […]

30 May 2015
Abandoned amusement park in Portugal | urbexsession.com/en/raf-park-abandoned-amusement-park-in-portugal | Urbex Portugal

Raf Park – Abandoned Amusement Park in Portugal

This amusement park closed in 2012. Unfortunately, during our exploration, it remained no attraction from its past.

28 Feb 2014

Abandoned Aquatic Park in Sitges

This abandoned waterpark, located in the town of Sitges near Barcelona, ​​L’aquàtic, only opened during two summers. Due to numerous debts and lack of sponsors, the park closed its doors during the 90s. The pools are now the delight for skaters, tags and airsoft.

09 Dec 2013
Abandoned Amusement Park in Italy | urbexsession.com/en/beaver-land-abandoned-amusement-park-in-italy | Urbex Italy

Beaver Land – Abandoned Amusement Park in Italy

After two attempts, it is time to take pictures from this amusement park. It was built in the 1960s and fell into decline due to management problems and property disputes. It was closed and abandoned since 2002.